November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

My name is Coffee and I’m a cancer survivor! When I was one years old, my mom felt two symmetrical lumps while brushing me. She knew it didn’t feel right so she took me to see a doctor.

The doctor did all sorts of tests that scared me, but I was brave because my family was there with me. The doctor told my family that I had kidney lymphoma. My family cried so much and I didn’t understand why they were sad. The doctor there said it wasn’t looking too good for me so my family got a second opinion the next day.

We found Dr. Olgilvy at California Veterinary Specialist. He did his own tests and told me that my kidneys were enlarged double and triple it’s normal size because of the kidney lymphoma. This was very sad news, but my doctor told me they have treatments that might be able to help me.

He explained all of the treatment options to my family. My family said they would offer me everything and anything they had access too. My family decided to offer me chemotherapy. It sounds like a big fancy and scary medical treatment, but it wasn’t. It was oral meds and some injections.

I was sick after my first treatment, but with the help of anti-nausea meds and fluids, I didn’t get sick again. I kind of got used to seeing all the doctors and nurses. I became quite popular there with the ladies. I even enjoy car rides now!

Today, I am in remission because my family gave me a chance and we were all brave together. They offered me treatment and did everything they could to comfort me through everything. They tried to be positive and they filled their hearts with hope.

I have been cancer free for over two years and I continue seeing my super hero doctor every 6 weeks. I believe cancer was written in my book so I can share that chapter with the animal loving community.

I hope to be an example of hope, encouragement, and love – Coffee

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