Introducing Brodie’s Phoenix Fund

Introducing Brodie’s Phoenix Fund


Brodie’s Phoenix Fund raises money to offer financial assistance, through grants, to veterans who have pets fighting cancer. No pet should be denied the treatments they need in the fight of their lives because of the owner’s inability to pay.  Brodie’s Phoenix Fund will be able to help pay for life extending or life saving procedures along with chemotherapy, radiation, medication and holistic treatments.


Our veterans give so much to our country and The Brodie Fund is proud to give back through Brodie’s Phoenix Fund.

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JT Savor

JT is a US Army Purple Heart and Army Commendation with Valor award recipient as well as a drug and alcohol addiction specialist. He is the founder of Tactical Recovery Group, a nonprofit for veterans seeking help to overcome substance abuse and mental health disorders. He is a SMART Recovery Certified Facilitator and routinely uses animals as therapeutic assistance resources with his clients. The biggest role JT is most proud of though is having been able to be Phoenix’s father. Striving every day to emulate the loyalty, affection, compassion and relentless determination that Phoenix showed him.

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The Brodie Fund received an email from a very special man named Jt about his dog Phoenix that immediately grabbed our attention and started a chain of events.


Jt served his country in the Army on active duty for about 8 years. He was injured in combat, received a Purple Heart and several other awards including the Army Commendation Medal with Valor. Jt, a Staff Sergeant, was eventually medically honorably discharged.


Diagnosed with PTSD and several other mental and physical health issues, it was recommended by his doctor that he get a service dog. Pain from injuries led to opiate addiction and eventually a suicide attempt. It was his service dog, Phoenix, that saved his life. Had Phoenix not been there to intervene, Jt would be one of the 22 veterans that take their own lives every day.


Jt has completely turned his life around and is a Veterans Program Coordinator and Peer Specialist at a recovery center in Wisconsin. His life experience now helps other veterans with issues like depression and addiction.


Phoenix started to display signs he was not feeling well in December of 2019 and after many tests, including an MRI, it was discovered he had a brain tumor. Jt started looking for help immediately and The Brodie Fund was just one of many organizations he reached out to. The Brodie Fund only works within a specific network of veterinary hospitals, so we do not exhaust funding. Due to the size of the grants, it is necessary to grow at a pace that is sustainable based on donations.


After reading the email and eventually speaking to Jt, we knew we needed to help. This is a very special man and clearly a very special dog. Jt sacrificed so much for our country, his life was then saved by Phoenix and now Phoenix needed Jt to fight for his.


All of us at The Brodie Fund worked very quickly, as time was of the essence, to get Phoenix the treatment he needed at The University of Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital. Radiation is the recommended course of treatment and we knew we would need help with the grant as it’s quite expensive. We immediately reached out to an organization we had worked with before in hopes they would feel the same way about Jt and Phoenix.


The amazing Marisol Thomas and her nonprofit Sidewalk Angels Foundation agreed straight away to help. By partnering, we were able to fund Phoenix’s radiation treatment. Partnerships like these make a huge difference. Sadly, Phoenix passed away on February 12th.


As for The Brodie Fund, we are so very excited to announce a new addition to our funding called Brodie’s Phoenix Fund in memory of Jt’s service dog Phoenix. This new fund will be strictly for helping veterans that have pets diagnosed with cancer.

Special thanks:

To Jt for allowing us to share his story.


To Marisol Thomas and the Sidewalk Angels Foundation for partnering without hesitation.


To the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School for all of the amazing work they do.

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