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Zoe’s Story

Have you ever had someone in your life who is always putting you before themselves? Who is just happy to have you come home and hangout with you. Someone who makes your life a thousand times better by just being in it. I’m lucky enough to say I do and her name is Zoe. Zoe is my 6-year-old mix who rescued me 4 years ago when I saw her picture on an adoption website. It had been 3 months since our dog Kasey had passed away at 14 years old and I was lonely. I missed having my dogs and the house became a very sad, still, and quiet place. I begged and begged my parents to go see her at our local pet store when her Rescue would be there showing off their dogs in hopes that they would get adopted. Well, we saw her and that was it. I fell head over heels in love. She was and is still my constant companion. Wherever I go Zoe would follow, wherever I sleep Zoe would sleep, and when I didn’t have a friend in the world I knew that I always had Zoe. She has a smile (which I know is funny to say since she’s a dog, but she really does smile!) and presence where it’s impossible to feel unloved. My fiancé and I built a beautiful family with Zoe and her little brother Dillinger and we were SO excited to start planning our lives together. But, of course life loves throwing in a plot twist. In October 2017, just days after her 6th birthday, I found out that Zoe had been diagnosed with Cancer and it was a god send that I found the Brodie Fund, not only because they helped finance Zoe’s surgery that removed the mass cell tumor, but also because Sally was there for me emotionally. The doctor’s told us that everything looked great and her recovering was extremely promising, which was just in time for the holidays! It was the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for! Life returned to normal for a while, but suddenly just 7 weeks later Zoe began to act strange and it concerned me enough to bring her back to the veterinarian. My ABSOLUTE WORST nightmare was realized. The cancer came back and it was spreading. It’s now in her lymph nodes and if I don’t do something she will die. I’m asking for help to fund her the treatment she needs to help kick cancers ass once and for all. I know many people think I’m young being only 23 years old, but I would give and do anything to save my girl. My Fiancé and I are huge animal lovers and were already changing our wedding plans to help get Zoe whatever she needs. But still, being a preschool teacher doesn’t give me much money to work with.  I would rather have my dog than a fancy party, a fancy dress, or anything. So please find it in your heart to help her, she has never let me down and I refuse to let her down.

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