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Kai’s Story


In 2012 May, a friend showed me a picture of a Vizsla that needed a home. He looked so skinny and scared, I knew I had to save him. In Casey’s honor I was going to rescue this poor boy from whatever situation left him 20 pound underweight, with crusty sores all over his body, ears and tail. I had him shipped to me from Indiana and he arrived on May 28, 2012. The day that would have been Casey’s 11th birthday. His name was Kai, and from what we could gather, he had been bought from a “breeder” to be a service dog and when that didn’t work out Kai was no longer needed and left outside. When Kai was turned in he weighed 34 pounds, covered in crusty sores and very scared.


When he arrived at our home, he was obsessed with wonder he was starving! The first thing we did was have him neutered and checked out physically. He took to my daughter right away, eventual overcame his fear of men and strangers.He has grown to a healthy 55 pounds and his sores healed, although the physical scars from being locked outside in the sun and starved half to death remain. Emotionally, he is not your typical Vizsla who has to lick everyone they meet and climb all over them. In fact, he never really gives more than one lick, but oh boy! When I get one, I know he really means it.


In 2015, we rescued a female Vizsla, named Mika, from a backyard breeder in Texas. She had three litters by the time she was just two and half. The minute she came to live with us, Kai’s fear of men diminished. Mika is so outgoing and crazy, he follows her lead and he has no need to be afraid anymore. They run and “hunt” in the yard. They stare out the window at the bird feeder, just waiting for their chance to go out there and chase the squirrels and the birds.


Kai finally has a forever home and a happy life. He has been with us since May 28, 2012. In September of this year, I noticed he was sneezing a lot and seemed to have trouble breathing. That night, he came and laid next to me, instead of at the bottom of my feet and fell asleep, as he often does. But in the middle of the night, he started rubbing his nose with his paw. I turned on the light and saw that his nose was bleeding. My husband took him to the emergency vet at 5:00 am and that is when this nightmare began. After biopsies, xrays, cat scans, etc. it turns out that out 7-1/2 year old boy has cancer in his nasal cavity. CAT scans show that it has not spread to the bone in his nose or to his brain. It has not spread to his lymph nodes.. Kai’s oncologist predicts a great prognosis if he has radiation to stop the growth of the tumor.


Kai is a lovely boy, who got a lousy start in life. For the past five and half years he has become a treasured member of our family. The dog that healed my broken heart after losing my Casey Girl – no small feat. Something I never thought I could heal from. My daughter calls him her little brother and says she has no idea what life is like without her brother Kai. W


With the help of the Brodie fund, the Mosby fund we have $4,000 toward Kai’s radiation treatment which is to begin in November. We still need $3,500 to pay for Kai’s upcoming treatment. Any amount will help toward our bills, prayers are welcome. At only seven years old, Kai has a lot of life left to live and a wonderful, fun, happy life at that. We pamper both Kai and Mika and would do anything to help Kai live a longer, quality life. However, we will not allow him to suffer. Kai has done so much for me and my family. He taught me that I could love more than one dog and that loving him does not diminish the memories of our previous dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. We have more than enough love in our hearts and even though losing a dog is heartbreaking, the time and love we are honored to have with them makes it worth it. Please help give us more time with Kai. He deserves it.

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