Why We Help

Our Mission

The Brodie Fund raises money to offer financial assistance, through grants, to families who have pets fighting cancer. No pet should be denied the treatments they need in the fight of their lives because of the owner’s inability to pay. Working in conjunction with participating hospitals and doctors The Brodie Fund will be able to help pay for life extending and life saving procedures. Other times families are just seeking for quality of life for our pets in the time we have left and The Brodie Fund is here for that too.


We personally know all too well the financial burdens having a pet with cancer causes. Our Brodie had multiple procedures, radiation, medications and special prescription food. We also pursued acupuncture and homeopathy for better quality of life. We have been incredibly fortunate with the care and support we have received and want to pay it forward.


The Brodie Fund knows that they are not just pets, but they are family.