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The stories of the pets we have helped below are only made possible through your continued generous support.
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Patron is a fabulous dog and cancer warrior.  Here we are on a fundraising walk.



Katie is a wonderful sweet dog and a cancer warrior.  She has had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
She has finished her treatment and loving life back home with mom, dad and her best friend Wilson.
Here she is on graduation day!


Kai is a 7.5 year old Vizsla with a nasal tumor and The Brodie  Fund stepped in to help pay for radiation treatment.

From Kai’s mom:

“Kai is a lovely boy, who got a lousy start in life. For the past five and half years he has become a treasured member of our family.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have no idea what this means to our family.  I am so grateful!”
(Please visit the Help A Pet Today page to contribute to Kai’s Treatment)


Zoe is a 6 year old beautiful mixed breed .  Zoe was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor and The Brodie Fund stepped in to help pay for surgery.

From Zoe’s mom:

“I can’t possibly thank you enough ! I’m so thrilled!
I’m in tears right now writing this because I’m just so happy it’ll (surgery) be able to happen! If there is ever anything I could do for you please let me know ! I’m forever indebted to you and the Brodie Fund!”


Sora is a 13 year old Australian Shephard rescue.  Sora was diagnoased with Nerve Sheathe Cancer in her paw and The Brodie Fund stepped in to help pay for Electrochemotherapy. treatment.
Please read about Sora, her family and the thank you by clicking the link below:


From Ace’s mom:
“He is doing amazing. He has pep back in his step and he absolutely loved the bark box you sent. All the treats are officially gone!
He is healing extremely well and at this point you can barely notice he had any kind of surgery.
What you guys do there is incredibly inspiring and I will be forever grateful.”


Dana was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma at 8 years old.  She received a grant from The Brodie Fund for radiation treatments.
From Dana’s mom:
God bless you and your directors.  The grant is tremendous for us.  Thank you so very, very much.
As so well know…I love her so much and she is so especially needed in my life just now.  Your news is a real breakthrough in our recent cloudy future!


Moby at 13 was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma.  He received a grant from The Brodie Fund for radiation treatments.
From Moby’s dad:
“I’m at a loss for words. I don’t even know how else to say thank you more sincerely than just “thank you”. A few weeks ago I didn’t even know that there would be a possibility to get this done and thanks to the generosity and extreme care and nobility from you and your organization, now my cat has a great chance to be alive longer.’  


A remarkable American Kennel Club (AKC) registered golden retriever.
AKC Canine Good Citizen and Registered Therapy Dog who achieved the distinction of “Distinguished” by the AKC with over 500 visits to her credit. A featured instructor in Career Development Institute (CDI) courses that have educated and certified over 1,600 students. She demonstrated the animal human bond, proper dog handling and Pet First Aid specifically allowing students to find her pulse and heart rate.
In 2014 Belle was inducted into the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Animal Hall of Fame. This honor has only been achieved by only slightly over 100 animals in the past 21 years. Belle received a grant from The Brodie Fund for chemotherapy treatment at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.



Baunji and dad Billy are proud members of Team Brodie, where he found out about the Brodie Fund when sharing Baunji’s amazing story.
Baunji was rescued from a high kill shelter just before he was scheduled to be euthanized.  Lucky dog!
The Brodie Fund donated to help with the cost of chemotherapy. Baunji was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and received treatment at Penn Vet.



Cleopatra was diagnosed with lymphoma on 12/19/14.  Cleopatra had surgery to remove the tumor and started chemotherapy.
The Brodie stepped in to help the owner continue to pay for disease monitoring post-treatment that made a huge impact in the owner’s life and Cleopatra’s care post treatment.

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Bingo received a grant from The Brodie Fund to allow the family to continue with radiation treatment for soft tissue sarcoma.
From Bingo’s mom:
“I would never give up or stop believing in the power of HOPE ..;) & people such as yourself ..Who have made such a difference in the lives of our loved pets that we call family .. and hold close to our heart!”


Salem received a grant from The Brodie Fund for chemotherapy.
From Salem’s Mom:
“What you do is magic and my prayers were answered. I have you and the fund to thank for all of this.”