Honor Wall

Rusty and Panelo

In loving memory of Rusty and Panelo.


In the most loving memory of our Sora, who was granted a third and fourth life because of The Brodie Fund.


In memory of Chutney who was a very special part of my life for 17 years.


In memory of Diesel, a beloved and stubborn pet of the Rizzo family.


This is in memory of Mackie my beloved Scottie who with courage and treatment at VCC lived 2years with lung cancer.

Chadwick “Chewy” Zachariev

You were a once in a lifetime best friend, a fighter until the very end. We will miss you every second of every day, but we hope you are running free in heaven <3


In loving memory of Coby who was a great friend and companion.

Pumpkin James

In loving memory of Pumpkin James a beloved member of the family.

One Eyed Tom

In loving memory of OET who brought us so much joy.
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
Walt Whitman


In loving memory of Kenzie.

Maggie “Mag Pie” Finley

In loving memory of Maggie “Mag Pie” Finley.

Bandit “Frito Bandito” Schiaffo

In loving memory of Bandit “Frito Bandito” Schiaffo.

Buster & Oscar

In loving memory of Buster and Oscar.

Jack & Kerrie

In memory of our dear kitty Jack (2013) and our dear Kerrie Blue Terrier (1976).
Christina Cardwell

Petey Weezer

In Celebration Of Life to my Petey Weezer. He was there for me during all the bad and good. I honored his friendship by being there for his final moments.
Love You Buddy.


In loving memory of angel Teddy❤.
A cancer survivor who beat squamous cell cancer, but is gone far too soon.