Honor Wall

Marlin aka Marlin The Buddha Cat

Marlin was a cancer fighting superhero who loved Tostitos, feet and headbutts!
He lived with cancer for 22 months before passing away on June 16, 2020.  He was an ambassador for The Brodie Fund, founder of The CW Justice League and the Marlin Nation as well as an inspiration to all who loved him.


Love you to the moon and back…..
Sally W., Founder and Director
The Brodie Fund


In loving memory of Coopurr. You were very blessed to have found Peggy and Jeff. You were so loved and cared for, and in turn, brought them such joy. Run free little one!

Coopurr (1)


In Honor of Zorro, Mommie’s best boy. Zorro is 10 years young. He has just recently been diagnosed with osteosarcoma at his jaw bone. Zorro has always been a gentleman, kind, polite and loving. He loves his treats, belly rub and teaser toys. Zorro and I are taking on this fight together and we wish other kitties and their families who are doing the same the best of their strength and healing opportunities.


Cooper DeSimone & Blue Castellanos

For Cooper DeSimone & Blue Castellanos currently fighting through Canine Cancer with chemotherapy treatments with the love and support of their families ❤ Stay strong!



Our sweetest dog ever; didn’t know she was a Rottweiler. She graces our window at our veterinary hospital and allowed our kids when they were toddlers to use her like a jungle gym. Never harmed a fly and if you broke into our house; she’d show you where the good stuff was just to get you out sooner. Set the bar high for our family; gone but never less loved or forgotten.



In loving memory of Lihla Lyons Horvath






In memory of Tank



In memory of Betty
Love Team Betty (Blake and Leslie)



For the giving tree – In memory of Bullet
Learned about giving tree from Haoleboysurf instagram…May they both rest in peace



In memory of Belle, miss her every day. (for a star on the Giving Tree)



Frank is a cancer survivor thanks to God and the Brodiefund! Franks prognosis was poor if we didn’t do radiation/chemotherapy. Because he was only 3 years old, he had a fighting chance if we could afford the treatments. I received a phone call from Sally Williams on my birthday telling me we were approved for assistance with Franks treatments. We were not going to be able to complete the therapy had it not been for the genrosity and support of Sally and the Brodiefund!
We are eternally grateful and Frank is so full of life now! He has become therapy for a neighbor who lost her pup to cancer as well as dozens of other families in our neighborhood. Frank is known by everyone within a 3 mile radius and has been cheered on and loved throughout our ordeal.
Again, we are forever grateful, and someday soon when we are financially on our feet again, we will be contributing to give back to others. Thank you. Truly.



In Memory of our Bernese Mountain Dog, Maple, who we lost on October 4th from Malignant Histiocytosis.



In memory of my best friend Jaxon who taught me so much about never giving up and living every day to the fullest. Life will never be the same without him.



In Loving Memory of Willow aka “Little Puss” who we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to on Friday October 9 2020 after 12 wonderful, fun and love filled years. She loved to sit in her window and bathe in the sun, lay on anything that was sat on the floor whether you wanted her to or not, eat her crunchy treats, and bite all the house plants she could reach!   As much as we loved her (and she was absolutely LOVED as much as humanly possible) she returned that love twice as much to her close people who she adored….life will never be the same without her and the house will be forever empty without her presence, but she will ALWAYS be remembered, missed greatly, and loved and cherished FOREVER!!

R.I.P. Willow

“If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever….”

Love Mom, Dad, and Robert



In memory of my beautiful Lizzie.



My Slater…known as “world’s most loved cat”
In my heart always



In memory of my precious boy Ruckus. He will always be my BFF, Therapy feline, Mama’s baby forever! Thank you bubbie for our 17 years together ♡ and for all the loving signs you still send me since you crossed the rainbow bridge 5 year’s ago. I’ll meet you on the other side with arms wide open. Love forever, Mama



In loving memory of our beloved Skyy who passed away at the age of 15. We are heartbroken but truly grateful for all of the love, joy and happiness he brought to our lives. Run free little one!

Pete and Riina Van Rixoort



In loving memory of Harvey. He fought a brave and spirited battle against both Mast Cell Disease and GI Lymphoma before passing away in May 2020. We didn’t have him long but he was our “fur son” that we loved with everything we had. He was a good boy, and everyone that met him, loved him. We will always remember his famous “lip” expression, his distinctive shuffle at feeding time, and his affectionate demeanor – which never wavered despite multiple illnesses. He’ll live forever in our hearts.



In memory of our sweet boy Bouy who lost his courageous battle to cancer on January 4th 2020 at a young age of 8, we miss him everyday!!


Nyle & Clyde

In *honor* of Nyle & Clyde, the two best Black Labs in Phoenix.



Making this donation in honor of my furry purry cancer survivor Soufflé. Two years ago today, she underwent a lumpectomy to remove mammary adenocarcinoma tumors. Two years later, she is still cancer-free.



In memory of Dakota who we lost to osteosarcoma 3 years ago today. We still miss you!



In memory of our friends Pam and Ted’s cat Callie. You were so blessed to be part of their family and in return, you brought them such joy. Run free sweet Callie!



In memory of my cousin’s sweet cat Nellie: “This cat, Nellie, she has been so much for me over the past almost 18 years. She’s been a comfort, emotional support, insistent love (sometimes annoyingly so), and the most constant being in my life. She has been there through so many big changes, through growing up, through losses, through a cross country move, through grad school, through good times and hard times. I will forever be grateful for the 18 years I’ve had with you and will miss you so much.”



In memory of Nea-Nea, an amazing tortie girl who passed away from lung cancer on February 5, 2019.


Dolly & Diego

In memory of Dolly and Diego. I adopted them as litter mates. Dolly died of Lymphoma in 2013 and Diego died on New Years day of 2019.
In both cases the chemo (chlorambicil) helped give us some good quality time together. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been able to afford their medication. I am so glad to have found your organization at the NYC Cat Camp. If you need volunteers in NYC, please let me know.



In loving memory of Zoey.


Rockie & Bella

In memory or Rockie & Bella


In Honor of Dr. Michelle Morges and her Team at Red Bank. They have been amazing. They have given us our Baby- Samson.
We can never thank them enough.
Eileen and Joe Goodfellow


In memory of Coco Williams 6/1/2016 cancer may have taken her body but her spirit lives on. You were the best dog ever.


Oliver, you are missed every day. Feline leukemia took you over the rainbow bridge at such a young age.


In a memory of Houdini. You will always be my first cat and my best friend. You helped me through the hardest times of my life and you will always remain the cutest koala in the world.   I love you with all my heart and always will!


In memory of Riley.
We loved Riley, our dog (with some challenges -epilepsy, Cushings Disease) for 16 amazing years.  He was all the more special and we loved him more because of his challenges and unwielding spirit. I think he’s out there somewhere running in the grass, up hills and down dells with Charlie, Briar, Brave and all the other dogs we have loved.


In Loving Memory of Timmy Kusek – your INFECTIOUS smile brightened up the world!

– MidgesDogWalkers


In Loving Memory of Bailey Fried – You gave the sweetest kisses!

– MidgesDogWalkers


In Loving Memory of Teddy Kusek – you stole our hearts and left us with many wonderful memories.

– MidgesDogWalkers


A best friend, a cancer warrior. Everyday was a gift.

Delilah & silly Izzy

In memory of our sweet Delilah and silly Izzy. Forever a part of our family and in our hearts, Wilder and Crosby, Mom and Dad

Felix & Dafoe

In honor of Felix and Dafoe


In memory of our beloved cat Cooper who passed away from cancer in 2015. Even after all this time has passed, he is still deeply missed and will be forever in our hearts.


Cindy, Dobie, Jinx & Smooshy

In Memory of Cindy, Dobie, Jinx and Smooshy.


In memory of Gizmo the Wonder Dog. Forever in our hearts.

Chelsea Pup

Rusty and Panelo

In loving memory of Rusty and Panelo.


In the most loving memory of our Sora, who was granted a third and fourth life because of The Brodie Fund.


In memory of Chutney who was a very special part of my life for 17 years.


In memory of Diesel, a beloved and stubborn pet of the Rizzo family.


This is in memory of Mackie my beloved Scottie who with courage and treatment at VCC lived 2years with lung cancer.

Chadwick “Chewy” Zachariev

You were a once in a lifetime best friend, a fighter until the very end. We will miss you every second of every day, but we hope you are running free in heaven <3


In loving memory of Coby who was a great friend and companion.

Pumpkin James

In loving memory of Pumpkin James a beloved member of the family.

One Eyed Tom

In loving memory of OET who brought us so much joy.
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
Walt Whitman


In loving memory of Kenzie.

Maggie “Mag Pie” Finley

In loving memory of Maggie “Mag Pie” Finley.

Bandit “Frito Bandito” Schiaffo

In loving memory of Bandit “Frito Bandito” Schiaffo.

Buster & Oscar

In loving memory of Buster and Oscar.

Jack & Kerrie

In memory of our dear kitty Jack (2013) and our dear Kerrie Blue Terrier (1976).
Christina Cardwell

Petey Weezer

In Celebration Of Life to my Petey Weezer. He was there for me during all the bad and good. I honored his friendship by being there for his final moments.
Love You Buddy.


In loving memory of angel Teddy❤.
A cancer survivor who beat squamous cell cancer, but is gone far too soon.