Help a Pet Today

Sometimes The Brodie Fund gets applications that are just too costly to completely fund and right now we have two!  In both cases we are looking to raise an additional $2000 to help get them the full treatments they need.  Help us help Kimba and Patches!

Meet Kimba

Kimba is a gorgeous 5 yr old mixed breed who as her guardian says:

 “Kimba is such an important part of the family and such a ray of sunshine ready to make our day”

After they received the grant we got this email:

We appreciate the help and love with our situation with Kimba and gives us a chance to save Kimba’s life. We have no words to describe how grateful we are with KarmaSue and The Brodie Fund to help us fight for Kimba one more time. Thanks for everything KarmaSue and The Brodie Fund. We send our love and we hope you guys continue with your mission to save dog’s life.

Sincerely, Carrillos’s family.

Meet Patches

Patches is a beautiful 13 year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.

From her dad:

Patches is my little girl.  She was diagnosed with bladder cancer in December. Since I lost my job, I had to skip some treatments.  Luckily, the tumor hasn’t grown.  I am barely surviving right now financially.  I can’t bare to do nothing as my little girls faces what will be certain death if she doesn’t get her treatments.

There is no way I can give her the treatment she needs without your help.

I can’t thank you enough!  It means the world to me and my little girl, Patches.


Thank you,