Help a Pet Today

Sometimes The Brodie Fund gets applications that are just too costly to completely fund!  We are looking to raise an additional $2000 to help Daisy get the full treatments she needs.  Help us help Daisy.

Meet Daisy

From Daisy’s Dad:


Daisy is a darling Cocker Spaniel with a heart of gold. She is an incredibly happy girl who has a passion for chasing tennis balls and playing with her squeaky toys. She is an important part of my life and my best friend. Daisy is a sweet, lovable companion. Everyone is drawn to her – young or old – human, canine or feline – her personality is like a magnet. With her constantly wagging tail, she steals the hearts of everyone she meets.


Unfortunately, Daisy also has cancer. I’ve no choice but to ask for help paying for her chemotherapy treatments. It’s not something that I relish in doing, but I’m unemployed and barely making ends meet. On behalf of Daisy and myself, we are appreciative of whatever help you can give. Thank you for your consideration.

Please note “for Daisy” in the Special Instructions section.