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Sometimes The Brodie Fund grant recipients need a little more help. We are looking to raise an additional $2000 to help Cytheria get the supportive care she needs. Help us help Cytheria.

Meet Cytheria


From Cytheria’s mom:


There are so many ways to describe how this fluffy little girl is so special to the 5 of us. It started 10 years ago when we found her at shelter and begged for them to allow us to adopt her. Her Dad wanted me to have as much companionship as possible before he deployed to Afghanistan once again. I would be all alone in California while my family resided in NJ. When her Dad came home both fluffy kids couldn’t get enough of him and he felt safe once again.


The companionship she has given us these last 10 years is beyond description. Sure we are homebodies and never leave her side so she grew up knowing we were there for each other. That she wouldn’t just be a cat in the house when we were. She is ingrained fully into our every day lives. She sits on our laps, kneads and purrs, and follows us around from room to room, as if she can’t live without us. When in truth— it’s us that can’t live without her! She’s always there. That’s how I knew she was sick. She wasn’t on top of us meowing for attention. She’s not quiet cat like— never hissed or pawed, squeaks instead of meows (so cute), meows at the door when we leave, and is in every aspect of our daily lives with our 2 kids. She is loved by everyone who meets her. She was—until the day she was diagnosed— the most lively, full of joy kitten in a cat body. She deserved more than this disease has given. But all we can do now is love her like we always have and try our best to continue giving her the best days of her life. However long that may be.

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