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Thanks in part to our Brodie To The Rescue grant Giselle, now Edie, got the surgery she needed to remove the tumor.  Even better than that she was adopted!
In a short couple of weeks she was rescued from a hoarding situation, placed in a foster home, had surgery and finally was adopted.
Thank you to The Little Wanderers NYC for rescuing Giselle.  Without that we would never have been able to be a part of this very special girl’s journey to a happy, loving and safe forever home.


The Brodie Fund is proud to announce our new venture called Brodie To The Rescue which will officially start in 2019.  We were inspired to help once this year and announce a grant given to help a cat that is in foster with Little Wanderers NYC.  Giselle’s heartbreaking story now has a very happy ending.  The grant given directly to Animal Medical Center will help pay for surgery to remove a golf ball sized mast cell tumor from her neck and  get them halfway to the cost of surgery. We hope that by sharing her story we can help them pay for the remaining balance through donations.  We think that Giselle’s story will touch you just as much as it all of us at The Brodie Fund.
Please read her story as told by her foster mom Amanda and donate today:


I love animals and follow several animal-based accounts on Instagram, including Little Wanderers.  Their posts always make my heart ache, and with each new cat they rescue, I think to myself, “I want to help, I should adopt that cat”.  But then I immediately remember that I already have two cats, and a few weeks before Giselle came into my life, I had taken in a foster, making that three cats living with me in my 1-bedroom apartment.

But then came Giselle.  One evening in the middle of August – just a few weeks ago, though it feels like a lifetime – Little Wanderers posted a few photos and videos of a handful of cats that were rescued from a house in Queens.  The house belonged to an elderly woman that not only had dementia, but was also a hoarder.  The second of these Instagram posts was of Giselle.  It was a close-up video of her face, being eaten alive by fleas.  The description stated that she was on the brink of death and in fact, one of the other cats that was rescued alongside her died on arrival at the veterinary hospital.  
This particular post didn’t just make my heart ache, it made my heart break.  I grew up in a hoarder home with parents that didn’t have dementia, but had/have their share of mental illnesses that made our home extremely cluttered and uncomfortable, and left me feeling neglected when I was a child.  When I took one look at Giselle and read her story, I knew instantly that I needed to help this cat any way I could.  I sent a direct message to Little Wanderers offering to foster Giselle if she made it through the night, and the next morning, they responded that Giselle was alive and improving and (unofficially) mine.
The first few weeks after she was rescued were difficult, to say the least, but falling in love with Giselle during that time was incredibly easy.  She is so sweet and loving, and you can tell from her mannerisms that she is beyond grateful that her life was saved, that she is living in a clean and comfortable environment, and that she is being well-fed and taken care of.  Watching Giselle play, explore my home, and bond with my other cats made me realize that the only thing Giselle wants besides love and food is simply to be a cat.
That’s when I knew, for better or worse, Giselle was my baby.  I also knew that if she is tough enough to live in that hoarder house for who knows how long and survive despite all of the odds, then she will make it through this tumor-removal surgery and post-op.  And I will be by her side every step of the way.
To learn more about the amazing work Little Wanderers NYC does please visit their website, FB and instagram pages:
IG  littlewanderersnyc
FB Little Wanderers NYC

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