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Can you help Sora?


In November 2017, the Universe delivered the generosity of the Brodie Fund to our senior dog, Sora. She was about to undergo electrochemotherapy for a recurring cancerous tumor when a board member happened upon our Facebook page and noticed our GoFundMe campaign. She reached out, sent me the application and before I knew it, the Brodie Fund announced they would be granting Sora the remaining deficit in our campaign.


Electrochemotherapy works on 85% of patients, so we were confident that Sora would be cancer free for the remainder of her life. She soon after joined us back on the trails, running 17.5 miles with us two months later. She lives for the outdoors and is happiest when we’re in the woods running, camping, or hiking.


Not even six months after the electrochemotherapy treatment, we noticed a familiar growth on the same spot on her leg. The treatment did not take and the cancer was back. We took her to a vet to remove the tumor, now the fourth time she’s had surgery, and find ourselves facing a $3,500-$5,000 veterinary bill to try radiation therapy and get rid of the cancer for good.


Most countries or states have just one facility that does radiation therapy, and we are fortunate that we’re just 1.5 hours from the one facility in Spain. However, this still means that for three weeks, we will have to drive three hours almost every day to take Sora for her treatment.

Though she’s 13, she looks more like she’s five and has plenty of years of life left in her. We refuse to let this pesky cancer win.

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