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My name is Marlin and I am one of the Pawsome Foursome furry family members of Brodie Fund founder and director Sally Williams, otherwise know as mom. I was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2018 and then celebrated my 10th birthday on April 10th of 2019.  Sadly I am not the first of the Williams family to have cancer as we lost my bother Brodie, the Brodie Fund’s inspiration, in 2106.  I am currently living with Mast Cell cancer and will likely get chemo the rest of my life.
In August 2018 my  mom found a tiny bump on me and knew to get it checked out straight away.  Thank goodness as it had already spread to a lymph node and I needed surgery.  Since the  surgery I have had several other mast cell tumors pop up, but my doctors are hoping that the chemo can either stop more from popping up or at least slow them down. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me as I have an amazing life!  I have awesome friends on both Instagram and FB who call themselves the Marlin Nation.  I even have  my very own logo and apparel we sell to raise money for The Brodie Fund.  My friends are so amazing and send cards from all over the world.  I always say “friends are the  best medicine” and I truly mean it.
I share my journey with cancer on social media to show people that a cat or dog living with cancer can have a wonderful life.  I might not be able to go on adventures across the country or meet my friends at events or surf like my buddy Haole, but I love Tostitos, porch time, box parties, getting mail and visits from my friends at my casa.  I am also quite the model and love my bandanas, bowties and even the occasional shirt!  Another fun fact is that I am a superhero and friends with Batman!  I even have my own Bat Cave and cape.  Rumors are going around that I am Robin, but I will neither confirm or deny.
To be honest I believe that all animals with cancer are superheroes, but I do think I am the only one who get regular visits from Batman. I am truly honored to be one of the first Brodie Fund Furry Ambassadors.  I hope I continue to inspire others to “live life to the fullest”!


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Rest In Peace 5/13/2020
Aloha for now.


My name is Haole and I am an 11yr old Yellow Lab whose true passion is surfing. I reside in Ventura, Ca with my parents John and Kim Murphy. Also my younger dog brother Primo. I have been enjoying beach life since I was 4 months old.

A couple of months before my 5th birthday, I “told” my parents I wanted to surf. Upon swimming out to my Dad coming in on a wave, I attempted to get on my Dad’s board & have literally been surfing ever since.

For more than 4 years I was competing in the dog surfing circuit, and have since retired from competition. My parents say I’m well respected throughout the surf dog community. Now my main focus is my involvement with A Walk on Water. My calm, mild nature allows me to connect with all people especially children. I have an incredible way of earning their trust. My parents and I find pure happiness in sharing the stoke of surfing with the A Walk on Water athletes and their families.  According to my Dad, I have way of making people smile as I cruise in on my waves.  I’ve been told that I have the soul of an old surfer, laid back and always happy, and have brought much happiness to those whom I have met along the way.   I am proud to represent Ventura as their Ambassadog, recognized as a Canine Good Citizen, and now as a Brodie Fund Ambassador, and will continue to surf & spread stoke as long as my 4 legs will allow.

My cancer journey:

I was diagnosed on August 13, 2018 with Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma, AGASACA for short. Fortunately it was found by “accident” during an ultrasound to check my enlarged Liver. My tumor had metastasized to my sub lumbar lymph nodes, and I underwent an extension surgery to remove the mass, and as many affected lymph nodes as possible. For the last 9 months I have been taking chemo & did 5 treatments of radiation. It’s been a long, stressful, and at times down right scary time. BUT! I am a warrior, I am happy, otherwise healthy, surfing and living my best life.

See you on the next wave!