Additional Grants

Our Three Special Grants

The Brodie Fund is proud to have 3 very special grants: The Season Of Giving, Brodie Goes Abroad and Brodie To The Rescue. The Season Of Giving and Brodie Goes Abroad grants are not awarded though an application process, but instead through research.


The Season Of Giving is a very special grant awarded to a pet and family during the holiday season.  It is one of the few times we step outside our network of hospitals and offer assistance at a time of year that should not be filled with anxiety over veterinary bills as you care for a pet fighting cancer. We have helped 3 amazing pets so far: Baunji, Sora and Diva.


Brodie Goes Abroad is the second annual grant where we step outside our network of hospitals and go to a different part of the world to help a pet fighting cancer. 2018 was our very first year and we helped a wonderful cat named Simon who lives in the Netherlands.  Simon was rescued from a small island in Greece where his new mom volunteers.  Greece has a vert high rate of skin cancer in cats and Simon was on of those. Currently in his new home in the Netherlands he got the surgery he needed and is cancer free.


Brodie To The Rescue will be determined on a case by case basis and is currently available in New Jersey and New York.  Our very first grant recipient was in 2018 as we helped a cat named Giselle rescued from a hoarding house by The Little Wanderers NYC. She received the surgery she needed to remove a tumor and was adopted by her foster mom.  Now named Edie she is cancer free and in her forever home.